My FIRST movie!

I took this earlier, but I reviewed the movie I took last night and then used Pitivi to convert it to a wma-friendly format and then cropped and zoomed in on it with movie maker 2011.

It’s shit -it really is- but a)it’s my frist b)it’s a (process) learning experience

Here it is, for the record:

The video sucks, tbh, but it’s a start (saving it here just for posterity “I remember when…” =3)

Yay! I’m figuring stuffs out! =3
To make this, I…
1)set up a stream from my desktop in VLC
2)converted the file to wmv in the ubuntu video maker
3)loaded it into movie maker live 2011
4)cropped it and edited it and saved it
5)uploaded it to youtube!


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