Time for a break?

I think it may be time for me to break from SL, for a few different reasons.

Policy: Linden Lab is going in several directions that are reducing my enjoyment of Secondlife. One is minor, the other major. The minor one is profiles -they’re phasing out the current profiles in favor of ones that are even less expressive than what we have now. The profiles we have, while quite limited themselves, allow for more expression of personality and interest than the new web-based profiles appear to. This means that avatars will become less readable and more generic. Not my cup of tea.

Personal: Real life (yes, I have one) is probably the most important reason for taking a hiatus. It’s also the one I can talk about the least. My friends need me and I need to focus on academics, I can’t afford to wake up and go to sleep to SL for much longer.

Financial: In the scheme of things, my spending in SL is very penny-ante, but it’s more than I can afford IRL at the moment. The money I’m spending ISL on rent/tier, honestly, would probably be better spent on purchasing some hosting somewhere and playing with an OS region.

I don’t know, I’m tired irl (I only slept 5 hours last night) so I may reconsider after catching up on sleep -but for now it’s good to keep a record of why/how often I thought of leaving if for no other reason than to look back later when I consider wether or not this game is worth staying with.

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