Suddenly…visitors from another world!

I spent the day today in osgrid, and what an odd day it was, too.

I haven’t felt it myself, but I’m aware of an elitist air towards newbies in osgrid, or at least I’ve heard complaints to that effect. To counter that, and as a reaction to years of hearing meaningless “rtfm” orders in linux IRC rooms over the years -I try to help out where I can (which isn’t that often). So, when I got an IM asking me to help a new user outfit themselves I had no hesitation in helping…

I went to tp to a shopping sim where I know there’s free skins, clothes, etc but she couldn’t get in there. We tried all manner of things and it wasn’t gonna go. I happened to meet a nice woman there, though and she got the owner there. He asked me how well I know the woman (not at all) and he said that she was IP banned -as a griefer/troll/scammer. He explained the scam to me and I was pretty bummed out about it. It was verified later when I was hanging out in lbsa plaza and a third, unrelated person complained about the troll (and I verified it in IM).

That was disheartening, griefers I’ve known are there, and I’ve even seen -but kooks/trolls, not so much. I’m not put off just …saddened, less idealistic, I guess.

But then that got a kick in the pants when THEY came. STRANGERS…from a different world! I noticed thier odd tags (and, cynical as I was feeling, thought they were griffers) but they talked and asked about stuff and said they came from an entirely different grid!

I can’t describe how I felt -it was similar to how I felt when I very first logged into SL with a friend from There, or how I felt when I first discovered Inworldz, to say it was eye-opening feels inadequate. We toss around the term “world” very casuallly but the idea of being able to log into one grid, and then simply ‘hop’ into another grid and visit …it was, and it IS mind-blowing to me.

I went and visited them, they run a small grid which is basically a few friends who’ve hung out together in SL since 06/07. Of course I’ve heard about hypergrid and even read a slight bit about it but seeing it in practice…I had to write about it!

Every now and then something happens that makes everything seem like new again -and for me this was one of those moments that make me remember what things were like when I had more questions than answers, more curiousity than tired cynicism -let me tell you, it felt good!

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