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People who hold up bieng hard-assed as a virtue is one of my buttons, one of the few things that sets my teeth on edge.
Today I allowed myself to get baited into responding/ranting on the subject. I’m saving the rant here a)because I’m sure to come back to it again and refine my points b)having been a thought-out post, I know it’s certain to get deleted.

Sidenote: there’s a fallacy that trolling is top-down and only goes one way. Sometimes one is the troll, and sometimes one is the biter. It’s better to know, to be actively aware that one is biting -but it’s not crucial. What’s crucial is to be aware in the first place of the trollercoaster cycle, of biting and trolling.

Imma chomp down noa.

Elisheva.Sopwith wrote:

Han Held:

That assumes I was going for "funny" as opposed to "dismissive".

Still nonsensical and intellectually lazy.

Oh ho! I’m being called out! Why I’m NOT intellectually lazy! How DARE she! Why I’ll show her by dropping everything else i have to do today and writing a long screed addressing her post point by point!

*clears throat, sips coffee*

Ok, seriously -I don’t know about anyone else on this forum, but I have a finite amount of time and mental energy, and I have other things that make demands on that time and (more importantly) that energy. So what you call “lazy” I call “selective”.

In short, I read your post and my reaction was “oh, a BS cheap shot. Not worth my time. let’s find a macro and move on to something more important”.

It was a cheap shot, and that was the right judgement to make.

BUT, currently I’m being chased around by a troll who makes up for in persistence what he lacks in quality that insists to one and all that I’m too “lazy” to respond to his argument [but, in reality, I understand the folly of getting sucked into a ‘debate’ where my partner can -and will- change the rules and I selectively choose to disregard him]

So, I’m choosing to bite, in full knowlege that i’m biting on something that isn’t worth my time -to prove a larger point about what I am, and I’m not, able to do.

Elisheva.Sopwith wrote:

My point was, there are those who claim to be the guardians of morality and kindness, who actually exploit vulnerable people by encouraging them to drama and situations that provoke their self-induced negativity, so that they can scream at the rest of us about how uncaring we are.

You have several (self-serving) fallacies there, and I’m going to address them one by one.

1)”people who claim to be the guardians of moriality and kindness”

No one claimed any such thing.

There is health, and there is ill health.

An emotionally healthy person is neither over-sensitive and takes each word as a barb -NOR are they so closed off and jaded that they percieve any ‘demands’ (as if a post from a stranger on the internet could actually ‘demand’ anything) as only deserving ridicule.

Someone who is healthy can empathize with the frustration of others while not being open to manipulation.

Being able to empathize, they are able to resort to a response more nuanced than “GET OVER IT LOLZ”.

Conversely, it’s a sign of emotional unhealth to wall themselves up beyond the reach of other people’s emotional states.

It’s a sign of denial to glorify that emotional atrophy, and in my opinion it’s an indication that they know that there are other emotional responses besides annoyance that can be felt, but in order to validate their own unresponsiveness they MUST invalidate any other choice as either “whining” or “white knighting”.

2)who actually exploit vulnerable people by encouraging them to drama and situations that provoke their self-induced negativity,”

Again, another fallacy, this one is a fallacy of intepretation.

What I did, in my post, was to mock and deride people who feel the need to kick the people that you yourself just acknowleged as being vulnerable.

(rhetorical quesiton, isn’t kicking vulnerable -weaker- people bullying? why would anyone defend that?)

That is not an encoragement of self-pity.

It’s the discouragement of bullying

and it’s mocking people who puff themselves up and SELF RIGHTEOUSLY brag about how far removed from empathy they are.

it’s mocking people who brag how impatient they are with the distress of other people.

You see, or rather you should be smart enough to see, that it’s possible to disapprove of one behavior without approving of another.

3)so that they can scream at the rest of us about how uncaring we are.”

Actually, that is not what is going on at all.

Mocking is not the same thing as screaming.

And you’re not portraying the full picture. It is common on these boards to brag about lacking empathy, about lacking sympathy and about (in short) BEING EMOTIONALLY STUNTED.

It’s common to hold up one’s lack of empathy as a virtue -when, in fact, it’s a sign of extreme ill health.

And yes -that’s something that I mock, and I deride and that’s because IT’S STUPID.

Now, here’s the kicker

[sidenote: the term ‘white knight’ as used on the internet is exclusively a part of troll culture]

The kicker is…my post changes nothing.

It was a waste of my time, and a waste of my energy.

You still hold your emotional paraylysis up as a badge of honor, and will continue to do so.

I still consider it retarded to brag about being emotionally stunted, and will continue to do so.

On this subject I have gained nothing from writing this tl;dr post that I did not already gain by posting that image macro.

Posting the image macro and moving on was the correct decision, but I wrote this post only to demonstrate in the future that when I do not respond (to some guy’s crap trolling or to shitty arguments) it’s by choice, not by inability.

Thank you, and good day.

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