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I haven’t done a whole lot that’s really very interesting, I’ve spent time playing [just playing] in Second Life, and kinda-sorta making a safe park for SL kids [a project I’m beginning to think may be out of my reach]. While doing that, I was inspired to work on my osgrid parcel.

So I loaded up my beach house and snagged some copyable palm trees -all in all a half-assed affair. I was unhappy with it, and I went to snoopy’s free mall [an AWESOME resource, one I remember from when I very first hit osgrid in late nov 2009].

I snagged some trees and made a small forest on my sim. While I was there I snagged some texture packs…and looking at them something magical happened.

I made a pair of jeans. Hell, the jeans may be the best thing i ever make. So thinking of that, I decided to play around and I made an outfit for myself:
Han Held in home made clothes over looking my forest
Except for the hair, I made that outfit [modified eloh eliot skin, home made clothes made w/ snoopy freebie textures]

Oh good lord, it’s almost painful to look at, at once a million miles away from the grass clothes I made in 2008, and yet very eeerily similar [jaggy seams are jaggy].

BUT it’s mine, and for at least a little while I think I can stand to be seen in them.

I’m going to have to do some reading to see how people actually make decent clothes. I have a few [discouraging] clues [you add prim items onto the clothing].

Still, the sim is coming along nice, and I’m adding homey little quirky touches [like the sword in the stone I put in the middle of my ‘forest’].
Han Held looking at what people are littering in her woods now.
Slowly, but surely I’m making a home of my own in osgrid.

2 thoughts on “Fun in OSGrid”

  1. cool on your kid’s park. is that for adults role playing as kids or kid kids? either way, maybe you’d have some success (and be far more affordable) with your own box connected to OSGrid?

    good luck with it and i hope you write more about it =)

    1. Hiya!

      My Kid’s park project was for adults roleplaying as kids in SL. It was kind of a dud, largely because (as I discovered) I have a fear of dealing w/ the public when it comes to hosting. Right now I’m on a sim-making tear ( and ) on my diva mini-grid. My next project is a condensation-club style club sim but that probably won’t be done for a few weeks b/c of RL.

      Thanks for dropping by! 😀

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