Hey! I’m tryin to build a boat here!

Imagewait? what? I’ve got a hull, sorta…how’d I get this?

Let me back up a second and work this out.

A little background. I want to make an “oar file” (an archive which contains the content for an opensim region) to give away that has a sea port -but I can’t find open source boats to save my life! So, if I want to include boats, I’ve got no choice but to make my own.

I have a few boats on my region, I can’t give them away but I CAN use them to learn from.

I’ve noticed that the hulls often use hollowed-out cylinders and rings, so I start out by rezzing a cylinder. Then I make it a hemi-cylinder by setting B: to 0.500 and leave C: to 1.000 in “objects -> path cut”.


Then I go down to “taper” and set X all the way to 1.0

Still not much to look at, so let’s go over to the “size” field and make some changes:

X: 2

Y: 1.5

Z: 3

Now, let’s set “hollow” to 85


Finally, let’s change the rotation:




Now we should have something looking like this:


Then we’ll make a deck. First, rez another cylinder and set the taper all the way to 1. Then we’ll flatten it all the way on the Y side (you can just type in 0.2112). Then rotate it, again setting X:90 and Y:85, then slide it into place thusly:


Next, I’ll shift-drag the original prim to extend our “ship” with….

A little shift-dragging with the mouse and playing with the taper values results in this:


Then we shift-drag a copy of the third prim and make the back of the boat by flattening it and setting the hollow and taper values to zero.


Rez a box and flatten it out as a seat, link all the pieces and we’ve got


…um…well, we’ve got something! It’s kinda like a boat, if you use your imagination…? sorta?

Ok, I’ll admit it; this is gonna take a lot of work and adding more details. To be fair, I’m just figuring this stuff out myself. Hopefully, though, this helps someone else whose also wanting to make boats too.

Honorable mention to the secondlife tradewinds group, whose tutorial got me thinking. it can be found here:  https://sites.google.com/site/tradewindsyc/boat-building