2014: Han Held’s hectic summer…

This summer -particularly June- is going to be really busy for me; let me tell you about what I am doing, and what I am planning this summer.

First off, in late April 2014 I was given the keys to the Boardman branch of the Arcadia Asylum Museum and Exhibits project. It’s been a slog; one that makes me very happy but slow going none-the-less. So far we have two distinct exhibits; a “cave” exhibit on the ground floor and …something else… up in the sky. “Something else” has been a challenge on a technical level, but I think I’ve got it down. My goal is to have this wrapped up and open to the public by June 20th or so.

Second is SL11B -the birthday celebration for Second Life, where I have an exhibit. I have a 1024 plot where I’m going to make an exhibit where I showcase the union between the Arcadia Asylum Museum and Exhibits group and the Boardman Preservation Society. Ideally I’ll think of a way to turn that into a proposal for how to rejuvenate mainland; but that might be a bit beyond my skillset. I will still showcase the partnership, however -and let people come to their own conclusions.

Thirdly is the Arcadia Asylum Inworldz installation. It’s been neglected and throughout the summer I will need to update it, and build an exhibit for people to come and see. I also have a plot in Inworldz I need to build on.

The fourth project is going to be ongoing (or stillborn); I am going to create a suburb in opensim. This is still in the embryonic stages but generally I want to do a better suburban oar than what we have; and I want to take advantage of our new ‘var region’ technology. This will be created in smaller, traditional 256sqm regions (using ODE instead of Bulletsim physics) with an eye towards combining the finished regions into one giant var region. I’m considering getting hosting and having people live in it, but probably won’t, in the end. I’m already planning this project, deciding on the layout and such.

So -it’s going to be a busy summer for me, I think!