Mid-summer introspection, July 2014

SL11B was an awesome experience, and I think I’ve learned a lot from it -which was great.

Apart from SL11B, I’ve been running around SL putting out fires and coping with interpersonal conflicts. I’ve looked into the “confederation of democratic simulators” and didn’t like what I saw, so I’m going to give up on that tangent for good, probably. I’m pretty sure that there’s nothing I can get from them that I’d be able to apply in opensim anyway.

I’ve sat in on a couple of expeditions with “the hypergrid safari” group organized by Wizard “Wizzy” Gynoid. I really like the group so far -it’s made up primiarily of ameteurs like myself (as opposed to “hypergrid adventurers” which features educators and other professionals). My “All the worlds” group seems to have settled into a quiet, but steady level of activity.

One of the awesome parts of SL11B was seeing how widespread the influence of Aley and her works is beginning to have. TWO episodes of “Designing worlds”, Four SL11B exhibits (ALL different). That’s on top of what I see with my own eyes (it seems like every time i go wandering, I see her items incorporated into individual parcels and builds). As a stubborn novice I have to admit there’s plenty of times I’m finding myself both awestruck (by the skill of the people I work with, by the impact she has having -again, “designing worlds”, not to mention over a dozen regions in The Blake Sea) and intimidated. So far my time with the “Arcadia Asylum Museum and Exhibits” group has been very educational, very exhilirating …and very humbling.

I can’t believe it’s been a year already.

In “meatspace” things are worse, I’m having weather-induced problems with my angina, and my friends (who have medical education) tell me that my heart failure is acting up. I’m working with my doctor and switching medications and going through tests. I doubt I’ll have any serious problems from this but I’m not running at “full throttle” and probably won’t be until this is sorted out.

So what little I do in virtual worlds, combined with my low physical reserves, are leading me to experience burn out. I don’t think I need to up and quit, but I have to scale things back for a couple of weeks, at least. So I probably won’t do much except for puttering around my desktop grid and possibly hanging out in my SL/family rp.

I’m acutely aware I’ve only completed one out of three projects that I set out in my previous blog entry.

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