Opensim and the Future -my take

Recently there was an discussion on about the future of Opensimulator, asking what people’s goals were. What follows is the post I made there, reposting here for posterity and so I don’t have to dig around for it in hgb come 2019 or so. 😉

As SL enters it’s end of life phase, I imagine that businesses will begin to peel away -either in favor of the next-generation technology, or because it’s no longer possible to serve this space from a business viewpoint.

I posted the source code to opensim up on to future-proof the hypergrid. Business’s may go, but I believe that the network of desktop grid owners has a solid future, though our numbers will take a hit as time goes on. My personal goals, perhaps pipe-dreams, are as follows:

1)create a viewer archive, to guard against projects going dark. This most likely will feature singularity as it’s the easiest viewer to compile at the moment.
2)create an archive of working mono sources (probably 2.8 and 3.2.8 …I need one earlier version but I’ve been lazy about learning which) and get experience with building them on linux.
3)flesh out documentation on opensim that I started, eventually provide beginner-friendly guides.
4)maintain my group “all the worlds” ( ) in hopes that it will be useful as a hub for desktop admins and end users to network from
5) End user conference …desktopCON! A week-long series of causual events on the hypergrid intended to encourage regular desktop “admins” (sim and mini-grid owners) to meet and greet and share tips and experience and just generally shoot the s***, possibly with a class or two (depends on $$$ so probably a pipedream).
6) Maintain an archive viewers, mono and opensim sources with a mind towards creating a fork or a “frozen release” in the event that the programmers become too zealous in their content protections at the expense of the “four freedoms of free software” ( )

I remember the CB craze of my youth and how it died out and became a niche hobby …I anticipate opensim going the same way. I believe this can be positive (from an end-user impowerment angle) and I’m settling in to use the software on my desktop as long as I have a desktop. I am hoping to build up and spread out the tools to allow others to do the same, and for new people to join me if they wish to.

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