Breaking ground on Broadmon Palce

Earlier, in May, I wrote:

The fourth project is going to be ongoing (or stillborn); I am going to create a suburb in opensim. This is still in the embryonic stages but generally I want to do a better suburban oar than what we have; and I want to take advantage of our new ‘var region’ technology. This will be created in smaller, traditional 256sqm regions (using ODE instead of Bulletsim physics) with an eye towards combining the finished regions into one giant var region.

Some preliminary notes about that project:


Working title:

“Broadmon Palce”

Buildings and areas my “Suburb” will need:

1) Hospital
3) Graveyard
4) School
5) Park
6) “skid road”
7) small shopping area
8) homes


The creators whose stuff I intend on utilising

Linda Kellie
Arcadia Asylum/Aley
Selea Core
Potion Locke


Region area:

4 256sqm regions, (will become one 1024sqm var region)

I’ve broken ground on it. I’ve created 4 regions and made 1 8094 parcel in the middle of each region, in combination it will be an approximately 3200sqm (1/4 sim) park (tenatively titled “central park”).



(the black dot is the exact middle of the 4 regions, each colored tile is in a different region)

broadmon snapshot, 31 July 2014
Here I’ve placed tiles to represent the area which will become the central park of my suburban project.

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