I can hypergrid from my virtual machine!

For a while -like years- I’ve been trying to set up an opensim virtual machine that I could use to host my opensim grid. The advantages are that I would only need to back up the VM, and I could use VirtualBox’s OVA import/export function to back up the machine.

It hasn’t worked, however -usually it hangs, or cannot hop in or out.

I’ve been doing the VM entirely backwards this whole time.

Up until now, I’ve been trying to log on to the numeric IP of the virtual machine from my viewer, and then jumping out onto the hypergrid from there -that hasn’t worked for a variety of reasons (not the least of wich is because the VM has an IP in the private network range of 192.168.x.x).

I loaded the debian VM I created and changed the networking to bridged networking instead of NAT.

After that, I worked inside of the VM to change all of the settings to point to my actual INTERNET IP, and not the VM’s IP and started up opensim.

I set up port forwarding on my router so that any requests sent to my internet address would be redirected to my VM.

On the desktop, I plugged my numeric IP into firestorm and was able to log in to the opensim running on the VM; after that I was able to hop over to Sandbox on metropolis.

As a test I shut down opensim and then changed from my numeric internet address to the hostname I have set up at no-ip (admeja).

I started up opensim, went to the desktop and plugged in the name into firestorm and was able to log in and hop from there over to metropolis.

I was even able to hop back.

There’s definate weirdness I’m not sure how to track down; I got errors on my console when I tried to buy items from Metropolis’ free store, and after I teleported home (on firestorm) the ground wouldn’t show.

Still, this is progress, and there’s a good chance I can sort out these problems by opening ports or tweaking with StandaloneCommon.ini…

Published by: hanheld

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