New year, new project, new grid…

Thank fuck 2014 is over!

I’m bringing in the new year with a new project. For months I’ve been feeling the limitations of hosting from my cable modem, and I’ve looked for a solution. A few days ago I decided to spring for a $15 VPS from, set up mono and opensim and now I’ve started work on “Bounceme Chateau” grid.

It’s not much of a name, but it’s appropriate. I’m keeping Admeja as my primary, home grid, but BC will be a chateau …a summer home, a vacation spot where I host, have friends over and host any classes, RP communities (??!@?!@?!@) etc. Basically if it’s intended to be public-facing; it’ll go on Bounceme.

Currently, Bounceme Chateau is a single 768sqm region. I intend on building a park, a club and some sort of auditorium or lecture thing. I may expand to build churches, a town hall and create a small suburban town …but that’s months down the road, if at all.

Last year was probably my best year, in terms of virtual reality accomplishments -I’m aware that’s not saying much. I don’t have a lot of ambitions or goals for this year -it would be great if I snagged an LEA project, but it looks unlikely from here (and what would I do, anyway?).

So, I’m putting up a public space suitable for hosting -I guess I’ll see if anyone shows up.


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