No place for me.

I’m in a “nothing to contribute” slump, I’ll keep pecking away at my little projects but after seeing some blogs featuring some great SL photographers I’m at a loss for where I fit in the larger virtual world picture

…I’m kinda thinking I don’t have the skills to have much of a place.

I don’t know (don’t want to learn) Blender and looking at some people’s photographs I’m thinking I’m not much of a photographer either.

I’m just really intimidated by where the bar is set, currently, how high it is. I kinda feel like fucking off and sticking to my non-virtual world hobbies.

I won’t, of course. This is just a slump, and I’ll either pull out of it or I’ll make myself at home in it and I’ll keep making the stuff that I make, shitty as it is.

Published by: hanheld

I'm a virtual world resident; I build, blog and play with server software (these days, largely opensim).