Han Held’s Tuscan house

There’s a fair amount going on right now, meaning since the beginning of the year.

I expanded my build in Funadama, and I’m slowly taking a stab at remaking the areas that were there in 2007-ish.

Through a series of convoluted developments (which boils down to: hanging around Neufreistadt to get a feel for the builds) I wound up renting a spot in Locus Amoena and becoming a citizen of the CDS (confederation of democratic simulators: SL’s oldest resident-run self-government. http://portal.slcds.info/). I don’t feel like I have the energy or wherewithal to be especially active politically -but I can lurk and figure out which way is up, so that’s the plan for the moment.

For my plot, though; I need a house. I could grab a ready-made tuscan house from MP …in fact I may be forced to in the end… but not without a fight. I’m not clear on the exact process but builds in LA seem to need to be approved (CDS is like a HOA from hell in that sense) so making a house is rather intimidating.

I’m not sure what I have for textures -I will probably end up raiding Potion Lock and Linda Kellie textures for this (as always). I’m playing with making my own (and have been) with mixed results.

For the house, the build itself, I’m keeping it very simple. I’m still scouring google images for ideas, but this one looks good; it’s simple, and I think I can break it down to 4 to 6 textures. (which leaves me the job of finding or making said textures).

I had a great talk with Chav Paderbon last night and asked her how she makes textures. She suggested looking over tutorials on youtube so that will probably be next on my list of things to do.

Once I have the texture issue sorted out, I’m sure the actual build itself won’t take that long; I intend on keeping it simple and “elegant”.

I’m nervous as hell -but if my build is accepted I think that will blast away any insecurities I still have about myself as a builder.

This is the house I’m looking at with an eye towards building:

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  1. I did some Bungalow Duplexes in mesh a few months ago. Nothing fancy but they were kinda fun. Used Datacad, and then exported them into InWorldz with Blender as collada files separately in materials groups. By materials groups, I mean I tried keeping the roof surfaces as one color, , the walls another, the trim another, the foundation and flatwork another.

    Was able to put a little development together with 8 units, each pair a different color set. Was experimenting with the idea of each having a more or less private ocean view, the other homes hidden to some extent. Also had canals, bridges, trees, roads, even a tunnel. Had started creating an animated car route. To go with my cartoon car based on the roger rabbit thing. Doubt we could have found anyone to rent them though. Its just history and inventory items now.

    aka WonderWheeler

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