Opensim has too much drama? Sure, maybe…

In response to people’s reaction to the youtube narcissist (the one who’s been banned from SLU) someone posted that opensim has “too much drama and too little professionalism”. I wrote this originally in response to that but then decided I wanted to share my thoughts with the world at large. So…enjoy.

I’ve reached a point where I don’t believe in “drama”. “Drama” …the way it’s normally thrown around, simply means conflicts you don’t have a horse in.

It’s a skin-deep brush-off of other people’s perceptions and concerns which usually says more about the accuser than about the accused.

That said, the whole AT thing wouldn’t even *BE* a thing if the opensim metaverse social scene was healthier. I’m not sure *EXACTLY* what the underlying problem is, but we all know the symptoms:

-OSGrid banning people arbitarily …often for no stated reason whatsoever.
-OSGrid being run in a half-assed manner and crashing as a result.
-OSGrid taking a 6 month “vaction” while they leisurely get stuff restored
-Metro’s DDos
-The Aviworlds saga ..and the fact anyone gave half a fuck after the 3rd (1) or 4th (!) iteration
-AT (aka drakeo?) being a thing, and people being so insecure that they took his nonsensical rambling seriously enough to participate
-AT (aka drakeo?) successfully getting attention *at all*
-The preponderance of “BEG TO JOIN” opensim groups (I lol at a “BEG FOR ENTRY” support group the likes of wally’s firestorm group)

THAT’S simply the stuff I know about …there’s tons more that has happened in circles I’m not even aware of.

So, when someone says “there’s too much drama in opensim” they’re not wrong. But it’s not that there’s too much “drama” …remember “All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players” …in other words, our lives are plays and it’s a weak-sauce play which has no drama in it.

No, the problem is that the social dynamics of opensim are inherently dysfunctional, people are far too interested in power trips or chasing 2007-era dreams of wealth instead of sharing or participating in a truly open and connected world.

I haven’t even touched on the lack of professionalism …I’m DIY4Lyfe; it’s an issue I’m aware of, but don’t care about.

2 thoughts on “Opensim has too much drama? Sure, maybe…”

  1. nice post. My cure for ‘too much drama in opensim’ – never look at G+, and keep the do-nothing bullies and chatterboxes on your Mute list.

    1. Hi! Thanks for dropping by. I agree with half of your suggestion –I’ve learned to be as ruthless with my mute list on G+ as I am in SL; but I don’t agree with the “never look at G+” part. Going that route you end up throwing the baby out with the bathwater (for example, this morning someone posted a list of free texture sites to my thread about not having textures I could use outside of SL), and it’s still a good way to keep in contact with friends across multiple grids -as well as events going on across the metaverse.

      I heartily agree with your comment about having a full and healthy mute list, I certainly do. But …speaking for myself… I get too much positive out of G+ to allow myself to be run off.

      Instead I just manage the $^#& out of it 😀

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