Epitaph for the Opensim community

(my comment, written in response to Maria’s comment in HGB about Linda Kellie and opensim)

Accolades and awards are all nice and well –but I think the problem is
much deeper than that. Linda Kellie had RL issues which certainly bled
over into her online life; but to overly focus in on her faults is to
miss the point.

The opensim community can’t fix Linda’s failings, hopefully the opensim community can fix it’s own failings, though. So THAT is where most of my attention is focused.

The “my way or the highway” attitudes need to be dropped, people need
to adopt a higher level of “live and let live” tolerance for other
viewpoints and other ways to use the platform.

There needs to be a greater appreciation for open source AND OPEN SOURCE
VALUES in the opensim scene. Right now the focus in imbalanced towards
making money; that’s the cultural perspective and open source (and it’s
needs) is viewed askance, when it’s not completely ignored.

People need to stop running their grids with the same level of
professionalism and patience of a 16 year old OP on an IRC channel.


People need to learn that criticism and alternate viewpoints are not griefing or trolling

The fact that most opensim-related G+ groups are “beg for entry” is a
symptom of both 3 and 4; the cause is a paranoid and unfounded fear of
“greifing” (and, on examination, “griefing” ends up simply meaning
“posting things I don’t like”). That interferes with the efficient
functioning of G+ as a support medium (look at the firestorm on opensim
group for a very solid example of how making something “beg for entry”
interferes with it’s efficiency as a support medium).

Long story short; if the opensim community wants to be attractive to EITHER
creators or (as Geir pointed out) the enterprise market, the opensim
community needs to adapt a greater level of flexibility and tolerance
for alternate viewpoints and needs to stop acting as if everything is an
IRC chatroom. It needs to put a higher culture premium on cultivating Free Culture.

We’re long past the AOL days; the web was established in 1992, Opensim should be where the web was in 2000 by now.

But Opensim isn’t  …because power issues, because pettiness, because of an unwillingness to be held accountable to a higher standard, because of an unwillingness to work with people they personally dislike.

These factors not only drive off your Linda Kellies …they drive off every other user of the platform as well.

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