Gut reaction to Thirza’s poll

Recently, Thirza Ember posted a poll asking people what they used opensim for. She released the results in this blog post, along with some editorializing. I posted my reactions to the thread Linda Kellie started in her group, and I think that they’re long enough to justify sharing here, too.

No love for the Benjamins?

(from the blog): “Almost nobody voted for making money. Is there anything wrong with admitting you are in [opensim] for the cash?”

That could be an ethical question, or a practical question.
Ethically? No, of course there isn’t.

Practically? Practically speaking, you’re trying to make money off of something which people have the freedom and ability to do for themselves, for free. That’s gonna be a tough sell.

In my opinion there’s nothing ethically wrong with trying to make a buck out here, but personally speaking if I thought I had something to sell, I’d be selling it in SL or someplace better suited with a larger audience.

So I don’t think there’s anything unethical about it, but I don’t think it’s gonna work out very well at the same time.

Expanding on that …I think that a lot of what brings people here is the desire to escape the hyper-commercialisation that makes up secondlife, that -coupled with a pervasive ameteur-hour lack of professionalism rampant in the opensim community also makes people hesitant to open their wallets and be good little consumers –if that was what they wanted to do, they would have stayed in SL instead of coping with the steep learning curve and constant glitches and regressions of opensim.

No raunch for us, please -Matlock’s coming on

(again from the blog);”The least surprising thing is that nobody wanted to admit they are inworld looking for love. I don’t believe that, but hey.”

There’s not enough churn, not enough variety of new blood and not enough diversity of ages (!!!), backgrounds as you find in someplace such as SL.

And I have no problem believing that almost no one out here is “looking for love”.

Based on my experience talking to people out here, most of us are middle-age or older (people in their 70’s aren’t uncommon) and we’ve been through that. We’re either settled down, or we’ve outlived the “urge to merge” largely.

That also affects sex and sexuality. I’m aware of a “adult” grids here and there, but in 5 1/2 years in opensim I’ve never once come across the “fuck palace” style of regions which litter SL.

Because we’re a different demographic, with different desires and things we want to do. You have adults and you even have “adult” places out here (eg Linda Kellie’s nude beach), but even those are more risque than raunch.

Both the lack of hardcore raunch, and the lack of romantic hookups is due …IMO… to where many if not most of us are in life, and also to the small size of our community (again -lack of churn).

What we make reflects what we want, and the fact we haven’t littered the hypergrid with gangbang grids and instead created a plethora of artistic or pastoral and roleplay regions reflects where most of us are in life -which is well past the demanding hormonal drives of adolescence and early adulthood.

2 thoughts on “Gut reaction to Thirza’s poll”

    1. Lack of both, actually but yeah. I focused on the parts I had something immediate …a gut reaction… to say about.

      I don’t track arriba sim and I believe core is out in the weeds so I don’t give them a whole lot of thought, tbh.

      As far as an over-arching purpose to opensim that has one of two answers; either what it says on the website (to provide a general purpose 3d virtual world platform) or “whatever people find it useful for” ie there isn’t a single answer (as your poll indicates).

      As far as the future of opensim goes; this tech is in decline and there is going to be an exodus of mindshare once the next gen VR (Sansar, occulus, whatever Sony and Facebook are hatching) hits …which is between now and 2020. I guess I didn’t ruminate about the future because I don’t believe we have much of one, and I didn’t pontificate about our direction because my only honest answer is “down”.

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