Introducing the Neuanzere Project.

Since hearing that they have gone non-profit, I have wanted to jump on the 3RDRockGrid bandwagon and somehow throw my support behind them. I have rented a region from them and I hope to expand that with more regions, though time will tell.

Interestingly enough, I’m using my 3RG region as a springboard for my Neuanzere project.

I have almost no details yet of what it’s going to be, but they’re getting fleshed out.

Originally, I conceived Neuanzere as a name for the empty half of my Funadama project, imagining that it would act as the town center and as a lodestone for the rest of my grid before spreading across the hypergrid.

I’m imagining that it will be eventually turn into a roleplay multi-grid “empire”, and that is the part I am starting on.

Inspired by the origins of the CDS (where I am working) ..hence the “Anzere” (the name of the sim the CDS started at) I am starting this as a multi-grid project, originally it was intended to be my answer to the CDS, but in Opensim; however I’ve changed my mind on that for a variety of reasons. First, we already have a democratically run grid out here (Metro), I may well be wrong, this is something I’m investigating.

The “empire” part comes from my living in various places …SL, Metro, 3RG, and of course Admeja -it lends a coherent theme to my different builds. On all of those grids, of course, I have had a Funadama which has been a near identical build (where possible). With this project I intend on using the “empire” or “government” of Neuanzere as more of a theme and intend to have different eras and styles represented instead of cloned builds. I’ve also toyed with the idea of having them all (but SL) linked by blamgates, but decided that wouldn’t be workable.

Neuanzere 3RG is going to be based in the 20th century and America. Right now I’m going for a small-town idea as I flesh things out.

I spent last night importing Linda Kellie builds from Zadaroo and positioning them, later I’ll cannibalize them for their textures and as a head-start on builds. The hope is that it will be easier to do it that way instead of starting fresh builds completely from scratch.

Here’s a snapshot of what Neuanzere-3RG looks like currently; all of this will change as a result of trial-and-error over the next few months and years:

Ariel photo of the Neuanzere Region on 3rd Rock Grid
Neuanzere on 3rdRockGrid

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