CopayB0atin (reinventing the wheel bad)

For ages it seems like, I have been trying to make my “schloss” for the neuanzere project and as my home. It’s been a great learning excercise, but I know fuck-all about design -like, at all.

It’s 3 floors, roughly 24 meters in height. Going from one floor to the next is a challenge -teleporters feel wrong, I’ve been settling for ramps but they’re obtrusive. There’s also the question of layout too, but that’s another story.

So, in desperation (and in search of a reference) I looked in my inventory for stairs. There were several in my copy of the Linda Kellie outdoor build collection and I found one that had a lot of promise:


It was great but I can’t copy it from my grid to SL and I thought it was sculptmapped (I was wrong -it’s prim) and not easily modifiable.

So -I decided to “copybot”, or rather creat my own copy based on hers.

This was part of her collection which is given away gratis under her “do what you want” license -so I had a clear conscience on that front.

The goal isn’t just to whittle a boat out of another boat, however. In the end I want to not just have an exportable copy of her stairs -I want to create mesh prefabs for other pojects.

At first I rezzed can copied prims, resizing them by hand to fit over the stairs she made:


Then I realized that her stairs are prims, and I can do the old “edit select prims” and copy the size and rotation. That made things go a lot faster:


Eventually I was done


-I had the build seperated into sections and ready to export:


Something that is important to note here; unlike XML, exporting to OXP seems to be version-dependant which is a HUGE and stupid pain in the ass. Restoring my oxp file may or may not be possible -I’ll include alternatives.

That’s IT for opensim! Time to hop over to secondlife’s beta grid:

(I chose the beta grid so I wouldn’t be interrupted, you can do this on the main grid just fine):

Once on the beta grid, I scavanged a workspace and imported the build from the OXP file I’d saved it to:


ofc, Firestorm tends to restore things where-ever it feels like…so I had to manually set everything on the platform.


That done, it was time to use a lil ol’ trick I learned from Arcadia Asylum:


…or rather, a slight variation. She used sculpt generator, I use mesh generator.

Both are available on the marketplace:

sculpt generator (L$3k):

mesh generator (L$4k):

For each section I wanted to convert, I did the following:

1)edited the root prim, copying the prim conversion script into it

2)converted it to mesh & download the dae file (renamed) to a DAE file on my hard drive

3)uploaded onto the beta grid (renaming it from MG_*)

Eventually I had a collection of han-held mesh prefabs:


When I copied and assembled into mesh stairs:


Of course, uploading mesh to second life costs money. Uploading the different files cost me roughly L$100 using the default settings. Your milage may vary, depending on the options you select.

There are a lot ..a LOT of faults with this. The prims should be better arranged and fitted before uploading them into Dae files, for instance. Also I’m aware that you can export to dae instead of using the mesh generator (I seem to have better results …lower LI… using the generator, so I go that route).

For those who want them, I am giving away what I made in different stages. Because this is based on Linda Kellie’s build, I am going to release it under a “do what you want” license -creative commons zero. Share, improve, make a buck off it if you can (if you do, send some lindens my way :p)…whatever you want.

A zip file containing the oxp file, dae/collada files and an iar file can be found here:

or here:



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