Fifty shades of Amber

My relationship with the CDS in twelve words:


…or least, it seems that way. Unlike past CDS adversaries I honestly have nothing bad to say about the folks there. It’s a simple case of mis-matched expectations -I’m passionate about preservation in a living sense, they are more willing to throw out the old in favor of the new than I am. What’s important to them isn’t to me, and vice-versa. It’s a recipe for endless frustration.

I keep banging my head against the wall with that org, to the point where my frustration and resentment prevents me from being a positive force there.

I intended on making a clean break, but I still have friends there so I think instead I’ll simply retire, keep my properties but let them lay fallow for now.

I reached a point in January where I felt like there wasn’t any point in being in opensim; so I closed down my servers -including Admeja.

And, in SL, wiped out Funadama and the Neuanzere project. I came to realize that It’s time for me to admit that the micronation tangent was a dead-end and to do something else. It was time, too, to let go of what Funadama was before I found Admeja and Mannie’s in 2010.

Since 2011, I’ve been chasing Funadama 2007 in one sense or another. I could remake it, and have remade my own version a few times. Now it’s 2017, and it’s time to go in my own direction, one that isn’t necessarily tied to earlier builds and places.

Throw over the table, wipe away the slate, go back to the beginning again.

Thing is ….”use it or lose it” is a very real consideration. After a month of an empty sim I began to feel anxious about what I was going to do -even if it was to kiss off SL. Luckily (?) it didn’t come down to that.

I sat in Funadama, hitting revert over and over again, just tossing things around in my mind. I thought about one of the things which I had wanted to do with Neuanzere was to make a hidden underground city.

Seattle has an underground city -which is mostly hidden and inaccessible. I remember being bitterly disappointed by that when I took the tour.

That led to another thought -all of the poor, and seedy places have been scrubbed from downtown Seattle long, long ago. I wandered there as a teen-ager in the early 80’s and by 93 it was already an altogether different place

One that was more hostile if you were poor. And my understanding is that it’s grown far, far worse.

The cheap “hotels”, the porn shops, pool halls and the scariest bars this side of hell …gone, largely.

I’m sure as hell not going to try to make another Seattle, that’s for sure! I don’t have the textures, I don’t have the skills and it wouldn’t be my own.

But over the next few years I’m going to try to make my own city center

…and my own underground.

I’ve already started:


The grid pattern has to go, I have to come up with something else. That much is obvious. Right now I’m scouring flickr and the Seattle photo archives for building references and ideas and trying to decide what I’ll put where.

AvatarFEST is back on, but I’m sure will be much much more scaled back -and I’ve even returned to Opensim, though Admeja grid is in mothballs until I get the scratch to rent another server.

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