Saying “fuck it” again

The whole opensim scene has fallen to shit, infighting and general bozo-level stupidity. People are chasing out other people, and other people are just lashing out in blind stupidity.

There’s nothing good, and it’s completely fucked. I should have stayed away; I think this time I will (apart from seeing through Avatarfest, if Eryn wants to).

I have more than enough to do in SL, and if I need a sandbox I can always throw up an instance in a VM. I don’t need the rest of this drama,fighting, lashing out and general stupidity.

I handed Opensim Everything to Sunbeam Magic and left the group. For posterity’s sake, here’s my last post/rant.

Ok, I’m back to the conclusion that opensim in it’s entirety is completely fucked up and dysfunctional.

And a tremendous waste of time.

A tremendous waste of my time.

I’m on the verge of canceling avatarfest -but I think instead I’m going to wait a couple of weeks, talk to +Eryn Galen in person and go from there. She seems to be the only one whose interested, but after all the work she’s done (for the last three years), I owe her that much.

I’m out of this group, though and pretty much ignoring G+ (except for avatarfest-related business…and I do mean business; personal crap’s getting ignored too).

The community has fallen more and more into disarray since JCC left; it has no where to go but down. It’s become a ghost town, a wasteland of derelicts stabbing one another for that measly last dime.

I’m sick of it, I’m done with it. +Sunbeam Magic, the group’s all yours; enjoy!

Everyone else? See ya in the funny papers…

And included this picture:

What’s my prediction as I burn the map? That one by one grids will continue to peel off, mostly going broke. That spats will increase both in frequency and in viciousness. That as more moderate influences are driven off (Magnus Binder, Justin Clarke-Casey) more extreme and ill personalities will increasingly make the opensim scene an increasingly toxic and UN-FUN place to be.

Eventually, within five years; you’ll have a small band of bitter, hair-trigger and erratic hold-outs with everyone else having been driven off or having wandered off to new fields (sinewave space, etc).

Like any other boomtown turned bust, basically. There’s no need to see it through to the bitter end.

So I’m not.
Au revoir, Opensim.

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