An artist is I

Well, at least kinda sorta.

I had two reasons for wanting to learn makehuman.

One was to have a mesh avi in opensim -got that sorted now.

The other reason was so that I can make statues -without spending decades learning how to sculpt.

So I set up a model in makehuman, exported it to blender with the mhx2 plugin, did some posing in blender and exported it to colloda and thus:

Ulrika Facepalm 22May2017_001
A tribute that speaks volumes …mostly wondering wtf

I had to dink around a bit -the original skirt was much too short, undignifiedly so considering who this is;

and considering her reaction to my builds 😉

Of course either version is a far cry from my original;

With a few red prims, a few wood planks, I made a place to stand…


But fixing the skirt proved suprisingly easy -I exported it to colloda and loaded it in Blender. In blender I just went into edit mode, selected faces, copied, pasted and the skirt was longer. Then I realized I could stretch the faces on the blouse and stretch them (instead of copying) and I was set.

My prim statues are probably more clever …doing more with less, after all… but my little “makehuman cheat” opens up a lot more opportunities to me and lets me do a lot more, a lot quicker.

I’m not sure if you’d call it art (although Zappa said that Art is anything you can frame), but it’s close enough for me.

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