Day of breakthroughs

Blender’s a bitch; but it’s less of one now. I had a ton of breakthroughs, so many I’m afraid I’ll end up forgetting them. So I’m writing a quick blog to note what I did and learned today.

1) Today I joined some cubes to use the boolean operator to cut holes in a wall. THe last one wouldn’t work so I made a smaller wall section, cut out the “windows” i was trying to make, then copied and stacked the copies.

2) Thanks to a post by Mareta Dagostino, I learned how to add textures; go into edit mode, select faces, add materials, then use the ‘select’ buttons.

3) Then I learned about how to optimize faces by selecting them and hitting delete and picking “soft dissolve”.

4) After an error, I learned how to fix triangle problems by hitting mesh -> clean up -> degenerate dissolve (cleans up bad triangles).

5) Hyacinth had a “dress” she’d made with no internal faces, so I learned how to make those by using the solidify modifier.

6) Next, I added different textures onto different groups of faces, and those groups of faces were preserved when I took them into OpenSim. šŸ™‚

7)I took a stab at uvmapping/unwrapping; that was a failure but I’ll read and re-read these:



…and hope that eventually scales will fall from my eyes; or at least uvmaps šŸ™‚

I think I’m going to end up going into the clothing business…at least the free clothing business :p

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