Ooo ah; mother should I build a wall?

tldr -I realize that throwing up walls is a bit on the “fuck you” side; but then again so are banlines, in my opinion.

Maybe I should back up a bit.

I’ve left Funadama -for good. I was out of ideas and I just taking up space for no good reason -I couldn’t afford it and I couldn’t justify it, so I left. After 7 years (with a one year gap) …it’s out of my system.

I have been “homeless” (but not really) since then but now have found a spot in Janus.

A spot surrounded on the east by banlines, “by pass” lines to the south.

I’m not a fan of banlines -but I am a fan of Witch’s Hat towers. So I’m building a wall, with walkway. (and yes, witches’ hat towers)

Some screenshots to show what I’m dealing with, and what my response is:

Banlines to the east of me:


Ticket lines to the south:


Every time I …or (more importantly) visitors come over, they’re confronted by these lines.

So, I’ve thrown up some walls, with walkways…folks who come over can now walk around the parcel and with a little luck, never even know the lines are there.


This raises the question of WHAT NOW? That I’m trying to decide.

I have a vague idea of making a lounge for other “GiRLs”, but do I really want the headache? Haven’t decided yet.

But this is a hair over 8192, and approx 2.8k prims to play with.

It’ll keep me busy for a while -whatever I decide to do.

[Update 12 hours later]

The rezzable motorboat I have seems to work ok, and I’m having fun rummaging through my old CDS builds and re-purposing or updating things.

Here’s what I have so far:

A Layout Emerges 1 March 2019

“Changes aren’t permanent -but change is” -but this is what I’ve got down so far.

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