My own windlights

It’s amazing how many windlight settings have been made over the last several years -many of them creative and wonderful.

Being picky, I’m not big on most of them.

There’s three or four that I really like, but have varying limitations -too shiny, too distracting, doesn’t show off ALM/materials the way I want -picky stuff.

“So, Han, why don’t you show us how it’s done then?”

I can’t. I know fuck all about programming, design, art or much of anything else.

Ofc, that’s never stopped me before.

So here’s a couple of windlights I’ve made based on the “Magic Hour” windlight included with Firestorm:

“Morning For Egypt” Windlight set prt 1

“Morning for Egypt” because it was my egypt themed project I’m doing on my TAG region that prompted me to try this.

“Prt 1” because I realize this set has it’s own limits (for one thing, it makes mesh bodies too shiny and weird) and I’m hoping I’ll figure out how to fix them (and then I’ll release prt 2 when I do).

To install in windows, winkey-R, %appdata%, browse to your firestorm user settings folder, windlight, skies.

Like this:


Once there, copy the the files from the zipfile and it should appear in firestorm.

No idea about Singularity, but I imagine it’s not too terribly different.

In linux look under ~/.firestorm (or is it .firestorm_x64 there too?).

Enjoy your new materials based Windlight

Me, in TAG, showing off my windlight
Me, in TAG, showing off my windlight

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