Bringing sexy^h^h^h^h Neuanzere back

Alaska is imploding -that means I’m going to be back to eating ramen in real life.

That also means that I’m going to have to make drastic adjustments to my budget.

When I posted that on FB, Hya offered me a region on HGluv -and that’s going to be my fallback/center of operations.

Like a dog returning to it’s vomit, I’m revisiting the micronation idea, with a twist (of sorts).

When I created the infrastructure for Neuanzere in 2016, I had a bit of a convoluted mix of ideas. It was going to be a cross-platform micronation that could be used for RP (both micronational and otherwise) -I was envisioning a cross between Port Neualtenburg and Carima, essentially, that would exist on sinespace, hifi, sl and opensim.

Here’s the kicker; I don’t RP. (short term ERP doesn’t count).

So when I realized that it was more work than I wanted, for no payoff, and that no one would give a shit  …I mothballed the project.

An explanation of what changed goes here -but honestly? I don’t remember LOL. You win this round, cognitive decline -my old nemesis. When I remember, I’ll do a write up, then edit and paste a link here.

Moving on for now …

I’ve always had problems with focus, with managing my time and energy efficiently. That’s not changing -but hopefully by using Neuanzere as a ‘conceptual wrapper’ of some sort I can start getting a grip.

I have three goals, well -two goals and one hope for the project:

1)Self aggrandization (sp?) and vanity. Ie I want a country of my own, complete with castle et al. I deserve nothing less. “Every man and woman is a star” …that includes me (it includes you too, but I’m the one writing this blog).

2)A “wrapper” for my projects. Primarily for the sake of organization. When I take on something, start a new region,whatever -hopefully I’ll take the time to figure out “where and how in neuanzere does this fit”.

3)A social interface to opensim. This is vague and uncertain -but is on my mind and will be a thing.

I had thought that perhaps I could organize a virtual arts networking kind of group. As a group, we all scratch one another’s back basically. Members would have a baked-in audience, people could get various forms of support -that sort of thing.

The artist group thing isn’t gonna happen, though. I have a strong impression that it would be redundant, and would be of no use to anyone. I might still bug some people I know and see if there’s any kind of interest, however. No idea what shape that’s gonna take in the end.

Still, I know people…build it and they will come? Hardly. More like “when the apprentice is ready, the teacher will appear”. I’ll just be over here indulging in vanity while keeping my ear to the ground and watching for a niche to fill.

It’s going to take months to fit all this together, but I have five main things to fit into this framework:

1)Janus, and the goddess monastery/convent

2)Races on 3RG

3)New Luxor on TAG, the other part of my goddess project

4)Developing a new “town square” oar

5) possibly developing an “outpost” on digiworldz

For years I’ve been stuck/fixated/limited to the Rothenburg model favored by the CDS et al. That has a number of limitations and weaknesses, not the least of which is copyright.

Just this morning I found an alternate source of inspiration: Prague, specifically The Old Town Hall. This is the image that caught my eye and gave me ideas:


I have been, and will continue to research Ancient Roman Urban Planning for ideas, but I don’t think it’s going to end up being esp helpful …it hasn’t so far.

What caught my eye about “The Old Town Hall” layout is how flexible it is, especially for larger regions (HGLuv and Digi are 3×3 sized vars, New Luxor will be an Egyptian temple or palace so it doesn’t apply)…it would be easy to put in a castle where the church is -no problem.

So, that’s the wtf and the why; I wrote up a separate post for the “when”:

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