Neuanzere goals

This is the timeline I have pictured now (July 2019) of the steps I’ll need to take to complete and/or open the Neuanzere project. Between now and Feb 2020 I will be editing this page to add more things etc as they come up.


Pull the Neuanzere project out of mothballs (done, obviously)

Do at least one test race in 3RG, figure out what weaknesses (lag, physics, griefing) are present and workarounds

Finish building and open “The Rock And Roll club” in TAG

Assess potential $$$ fallout and how that will affect my virtual life

Talk with ppl in SL (and opensim?) about doing a Goddess service, assess what needs to be written (ceremony, etc).


Consolidate (or begin consolidating) regions and rentals

Continue 3RG race planning

TAG building event (cross fingers)




PFD -pay ahead where I can (CDS fach + prim parcel, dj stream)

Begin preparing for the dark of winter (setting up things to run themselves from Nov to Feb)


Wrap up CDS obligations, put that on auto-pilot


Survive the dark IRL -in other words, nothing.

Winter Solstice service? In SL, in TAG and HGLuv



Release oar file for a do it yourself capitol

Hold a ceremony officially opening Neuanzere for business.

Goals to have done by Feb 2020:

1)Have 3rg (monthly? biweekly?) race events established

2)Have TAG and HGLuv events established

3)Have a “capitol” build for meetings, events and as a “home base”


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