Neuanzere Status Report – 5 Aug 2019

I’ve managed to get a little bit done on the Neuanzere Project, despite the heatwave and despite the mechanizations of Bad Gov Lurch and other RL distractions.

Shortly after I decided to restart the project a couple of things happened:

1) When I announced my RL was going to crash and burn, Hya generously offered to set me up on HGLuv -so now I have a shiny 3×3 region there to run Neuanzere from. That’s 9 regions; 45000/9=5k per region -I can work with that. I asked for 45k (and not more) because of technical limits of the viewer (that’s the max it can handle, I’m told).

2) On Mewe, the woman who runs the Alelaria Dreamworld group posted a link bestie had told me about (but I’d forgotten) to a medieval map generator on Open Culture:Map Generator.

Using that, I came up with the following layout:


I spent a week or so setting up walls and streets on it, and this is what I’ve got done so far. The streets need to be connected, and probably simplified as well. I’m not setting up builds/shanties outside of the walls -this is going to be complicated enough as it is!


Out of curiosity, I set up some prims to figure out the area the city will take up, and thus:


The lower prims are 256×256, the upper ones are 210×256; for a rough total of 466×512 -four regions worth of space, in other words.

That’s a lot of fachwerks!

Luckily I’m a huge, huge fan of cut-and-paste, and I have Filter Forge, so I was able to whip up some happy little faches and set them out; I’ll use those to fill in the gaps around town, and then when I complete a build I’ll simply swap out the faches for the build I want to use a space for.

This is how it looks so far:


The Platz is HUGE, though -that worries me; and that’s one of the reasons I decided to test how much area I’m working with and see how the platz looks on the original map etc.

Of course, the RL monster is going to rear it’s head this week; shopping, errands, making preparations in case I lose all my RL stuff etc etc. But hopefully I can at least polish up the Happy Little Faches and perhaps set them out in a shop somewhere, and get some other buildy stuff done as well.


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