And Then There Were Three …

I’ve done a bit on TAG grid the last few days. I gave up on the temple idea (or have I?) and have done a little research into what mansions were like in Ancient egypt.

I went premium, which includes a free scenic region -that’s the dot to the north. And I’ve gotten a new 15k region to the west (“little cairo”). The names are starting to annoy me, so I’ll probably change them in a couple of weeks. I’ve been all up in their ticket system so I think I’ll wait a tic

Anyway – that brings me up to 3 regions:


Here’s the view from north:

WIP TAG 23 Aug 2019_001

WIP TAG 23 Aug 2019_002


WIP TAG 23 Aug 2019_003

Inside, with the main hall behind me:

WIP TAG 23 Aug 2019_005

I’m setting that up to have dances there, and if Aine’s “Clone Me” utility works (have to import it) then I may have a working harem to offer! :O

Humblebrag: I built the house on the 21st but hated how janky it looked, so I mostly rebuilt it yesterday -the 22nd. That’s two builds in two days: but following a floorplan.