Inbox tantrum

So, this idiot named “Tenshi” posted their region on Opensimworld. The merits of OSW are debatable, but that’s neither here nor there. Tenshi put a “#” sign in front of their region name which made it unfindable either over the hypergrid or locally from OSGrid (where they host their region).

I posted a comment on their region’s entry saying as much.

Which Tenshi erased.

The next day I checked OSG again, checking with the folks in lbsa to be sure it wasn’t just a misconfiguration on my end.

Nope. It wasn’t. So I post a review with words: “Good luck getting to it”

Tenshi private messaged me and asked why I was swearing on the page. That alone is a huge red flag that you’re dealing with someone who is either too juvenile or far too repressed to have a mature conversation. Regardless, I had a go of it and explained that my review had no profanity and furthermore


As you can see, it was about the profanity.

Mind you, while I don’t remember my exact words it was more likely the “fucking” was “using the # sign is fucking up” as opposed to “you are a fucking idiot”. IE, my post was civil, but “zomg swears”.

So, while I’m off reading old guardian articles about 70’s music, Tenshi has a melt-down in my inbox:


This has gone off the rails and Tenshi has shown that they’re not only unable to talk maturely, but that they have some serious emotional issues as well.

So I find and send a meme with the intention of walking away:


At that point there was nothing else to do but hit the block button.

Incidently -that ‘virus’ ? Was this gif:


…which is the only appropriate response to histrionic fools like Tenshi.

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