Wrong way, Han!

Several months later and I’m still like “eh” about the gender thing. I tried changing to “Monica” but pretty quickly it felt forced and weird. That kinda defeats the whole point, doesn’t it?

Right now I’m kinda feeling like “Ok, this is a real thing, but it’s too late, and go on” -at least for full-fledged transitioning, IRL.

During my cyber-smut phase, before my epiphany, I used to say that I was “playing the girl I wish I’d been if I transitioned” -that was more true, but also more mundane than I had thought.

That’s what I’ve been doing in everything, not just when I played Big Boobed Betsy or what fucking ever. Cutesy neko aside I’ve generally had either a “wacky” or a “tomboy” look and honestly? That’s how I’d present if I was a girl irl.

How I act is who I am, but how I appear is who (or how) I’d like to be had I have gone down the transition road in my early adulthood.

That’s the emo shit -“wrong way” indeed. The trans thing is a “FYI” to myself, not a call to up-end everything and all. So I’m glad that’s sorted.

THEN there’s the tech shit. Let me tell you about the CLI multiplexer “Screen”.

“Screen” is the wrong tool for the job(“wrong way” being the theme of the day, I guess). Seriously -for years we’ve been told (in opensim) to use monit.

But fuck monit, tbh.

I don’t know it and failing a telnet-level security issue I’ll keep using screen because it’s what I know. It’s what I like.

I tried using screen remotely in the past; something like:

ssh IPADDRESS screen

and got errors, and forgot about it.

Lately I’ve been playing with running screen detatched and revisted it.

I’ve discovered that instead of needing to log in to the IPADDRESS, I can simply do it remotely. Like:


“-d -m” tell it to start detatched (in the background).

So if you had a ton of regions, and you’ve written scripts to start them, you could easily do them in a simple stanza.

Let’s assume you have four regions, and have written four scripts (1.sh 2.sh 3.sh 4.sh) on your remote server to start them.

It would be easy to start them locally with a shell script similar to this:


IPADDRESS= #replace with your actual IP, durr

#start up the robust service on the remote server, so that there’s something

# for the regions to connect to 😉

ssh IPADDRESS -S rob -d -m $HOME/opensim/bin/Robust.exe -inifile=Robust.HG.ini

for x in 1 2 3 4


ssh IPADDRESS -S $x -d -m $HOME/bin/$x.sh

sleep 15 #give each simulator a chance to start properly


#end script

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. That cuts down the amount of time you need to spend on the remote server. Of course you still want to remote over to do various (oar, iar, sql) backups and other maintenance tasks (updates etc).

Now mind you, that’s just an (untested!) example -but you either ought to know enough to write your own script or you ought to be doing some reading to learn how. 🙂

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