2021, the year that …wasn’t.

Yeah, pretty much that.

So basically, when I last wrote I hadn’t come out to bestie yet -now I have and that’s really fucky and problematic. Less said, the better right now.

Metro immolated about the time of my last blog entry and that lead me to joining a small group of grids -and then pretty much twiddling my thumbs. They’ve mostly moved on to a survival MMORPG and that software didn’t support features I want (specifically: EEP); also I never did get around to figuring out how to run my own wordpress in docker etc

It’s been almost two years since I last wrote and from this perspective they’re …kinda empty. I spent a lot of time in SL, and I met a very nice young trans woman who has been my landlady off and on and a confident (confidont? not sure of the spelling there). I had Admeja grid set up then I twiddled my thumbs with it -largely for technical reasons.

5 or 7 months after my last blog entry my heart got clogged again and I spent 2021 fighting that. Had a small stent placed in Jan but didn’t recover until they went back in July and removed a different blockage and realized I had anemia. Then Covid vaccinations, twice and a booster -all of which knocked me on my ass. But thank god! Better knocked on my ass than hooked up to a machine. My iron levels are back up, and the last stent procedure seems to have finally taken -I think I’m as healthy now as I’m gonna get.

A couple of weeks ago it became very very apparent that I was throwing good energy after bad in the CDS, and took steps to rectify that; leaving behind between $60 to $100 in tier.

Han Held leaves the CDS, 2021 (colorized)

I feel like I should say that there’s still individuals there who I’m fond of and I’ll be staying friends with -but the institution itself and blah blah blah? Absolute shit show, and apart from occasionally supporting Kyoko’s events I’m done with it.

That leaves a big “What fucking now” for my time in SL. I have a 1/4 region I’m renting with 2500 more LI than a homestead region (for like $30 less) so I’ll probably think of something. Of course there’s always SLB and SLEA as well.

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