2022: Stability or something quite like it

So my last blog was basically “why have I been gone for nearly 2 years”. This entry is where I am and hopefully going.

Along with Second life, I’m also on Hyacinth’s grids -Creatrix and Groovyverse. There I am focusing on the Asylum build I started in 2015 which looks like I’ll probably end up replacing all of the buildings on -just as soon as I get over my driving tangent! 😀

And I’ve updated and stabilized my personal grid -Admeja. For the last few months I’ve been debating and testing different configurations, different forks on linux and windows servers and I’ve settled on an $11/mo Debian server backing up to and restoring from my Onedrive via rclone using a very handy oneliner: rclone –vfs-cache-mode writes mount 365: $HOME/$MOUNTPOINT

Getting here was a bit of drama, and I wound up rolling back to a 2019 database so like, a year and a half worth of data sorta lost. Thankful I’m obsessive about saving oar files and iar files so it’s not as bad as it might sound like.

Where am I going…? Not much of anywhere. I’m settled on my personal grid and I’ll get back to building and occasionally hopping around the Hypergrid. Things are quiet these days, as you’d expect with things in decline or stasis -about where I expected some years back.

Published by: hanheld

I'm a virtual world resident; I build, blog and play with server software (these days, largely opensim).