I’m old, not dead FFS!

In this thread (https://opensimworld.com/post/91448 ) Tomas Etzel posted:
“. Ich glaub nicht das der Grossteil der User dem “Altenheim” nahe ist.Das hört sich an als wären hier alle senil..Da würden dann aber nicht so viele Kreative Ideen verwirklicht werden!”

Which google translated to mean:
“So I think what you write here is already outrageous. I don’t think that the majority of users are close to the “old people’s home”. It sounds as if everyone here is senile.. But then not so many creative ideas would be realized! “

Lemme respond to that:

I’m 55, 10 years ago most opensim people I encountered were in their 70’s and 80’s. I know of some regulars that are in their early 30’s but i bet if you were to take a poll of most of the regular participants in OSW you’d find most are even older than I am. The same appears to hold true in-game although I do see the occasional thirtysomething in-world.

I’m old; too old to know W.T.F. Zoomers prefer for music. That said, I’m reasonably sure it isn’t Goth, Country music nor Blues. Those seem to be the preferred music of baby boomers (and in the case of Goth -that is probably preferred mostly by X’ers, depending on what you’re calling Goth …whether it’s Sisters of Mercy or if you mean Marilyn Manson and after.)

So in the listings -you see boomer music; X’ers if we’re being generous. Hosted by boomers, maybe X’ers.

I don’t have hard data to work with (you don’t have that data either) but my encounters (here and inworld) leads me to think that when you meet someone it’s more likely that they will be in their 40’s or 50’s than that they’ll be in their 20’s or 30’s.

The idea that older people cannot be creative is positively ageist -it’s bullshit, it’s inaccurate. What opensim proves if anything is that people who are genuinely creative never stop being creative and people can learn to tap into their creativity at any age.

Those who doubt what I’m saying -prove it to yourself! Start paying attention to the age of people you encounter and while you will see some people in their late 20’s and early 30’s you will find many, many more that are in their 40’s and older.

Being old doesn’t mean you’re dead; in the case of retirees it means you have even more time and resources to dedicate to expressing your creativity.

tldr; we’re old, not dead.

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