Rough shores ahead

Picture of Han Held in second life on a rough, shadow filled dirt terrain
Kicking (ideas) around on a piece of ground in my home…stead? Region?

I grabbed a homestead…embarrassingly, the second this year…at the end of August. What’s the saying..”once a girl sees the city you can’t get her back on the farm”? It’s kinda like that; for a while I paid for a parcel on a full sim that gave me more prims for less money but neighbors were an issue as is control and honestly just fucking room.

I’m not sure how long I’ll have the funds to keep this but knocking on wood, it’ll at least be a few months and I’m dual building here and in opensim in anticipation of having to close this down in SL.

This has been empty because even though I’ve succumbed to my “faux fundama” urges, I haven’t wanted to replicate the larger builds of 2007. This is for personal reasons but I’ve set out the legacy property lines (mostly) and figured I’d fill them in later.

Last night I went on NSFW explorations in SL and came across an intriguing take on humiliation and the medical kink. This nudged me to see who made the items they use for decor and it turned out to be part of a set -an asylum set. $64, easily the most lavish (single) purchase I’ve bought here but I think that I’ll get my money’s worth just from having a reference build alone. The building isn’t usable on a homestead so once again I’m pulling my own asylum / dormitory out of mothballs -but different.

This will change over time, but I am researching TB sanitoriums and building one of my own …I haven’t decided if it’ll be ruins (that would make the most sense with the props I bought) or rehabilitated (which might give me the most flexibility RP and use wise). May be a bit of both.

Right now I have about half of the sim empty and this will give me a project to fill it up with.

Also worth mentioning -I got a new gaming computer and I can do a notch below ultra at between 25 to 400 something FPS; depending on the sim. WOW, “blown away” isn’t even the word for it!

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