Commonalities (courtesy of ChatGPT)

“Black Kiss” by Howard Chaykin:

  • Los Angeles, California
  • Hollywood Hills
  • Downtown LA
  • A seedy motel
  • A bar
  • A cemetery
  • A mansion

“Blue Velvet” by David Lynch:

  • Lumberton, North Carolina (fictional town)
  • A suburban neighborhood
  • A nightclub
  • A police station
  • An industrial park
  • A hospital
  • A hardware store
  • A local diner
  • A park

“Rosemary’s Baby” by Ira Levin:

  • New York City, New York
  • The Bramford apartment building (fictional)
  • A doctor’s office
  • A bookstore
  • A laundry room
  • A library
  • Central Park

“The Omen” directed by Richard Donner:

  • Rome, Italy
  • London, England
  • The Thorn residence in England
  • A hospital
  • A church
  • An archaeological dig site
  • A zoo

  • Apartment buildings/complexes (e.g., the Bramford in “Rosemary’s Baby”, the Jeffrey Beaumont’s apartment in “Blue Velvet”)
  • Churches/religious buildings (e.g., St. Patrick’s Cathedral in “Rosemary’s Baby”, the church where Father Brennan dies in “The Omen”)
  • Hospitals/medical facilities (e.g., the hospital where Rosemary gives birth in “Rosemary’s Baby”, the hospital where Damien is born in “The Omen”)
  • Houses/mansions (e.g., the Castevets’ apartment in “Rosemary’s Baby”, the Palmer house in “Twin Peaks”)
  • Nightclubs/bars (e.g., the Slow Club in “Blue Velvet”, the Black Rose bar in “Black Kiss”)
  • Stores/businesses (e.g., the bookstore where Rosemary buys a book in “Rosemary’s Baby”, the hardware store where Jeffrey works in “Blue Velvet”)

I’ve already caught out ChatGPT in one mistake (“Black Kiss” ends in a house) which highlights the limits of using ChatGPT as a tool. I was able to discover that because of how well I know “Black Kiss”; but the others I either haven’t seen (“The Omen”, “Rosemary’s baby”) or haven’t seen in literal decades (“Blue Velvet”) so I have no idea what its being overlooked.

Still! The point of this excercise is to come up with a list of locations to build on my homestead so it’s not a complete wash. It was going to be incomplete anyway; I didn’t even try to ask it for locations from “Opus Eponymous” (because the lyrics were vague on that part except for cloister, hospital and tomb)

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