Where the fuck did all the ninnys come from?

For real, though. Someone decided to turn the hypergrid into the sexully repressed old school marm’s home and didn’t bother giving me the memo.

Anyway, got miffed at deliberate lying on OSW so I ranted. Reposting my opensimworld screed here as a hedge against deletion:


Only if you’re dissembling ( https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-1-d&q=dissembling ) which is to say LYING THROUGH YOUR FUCKING TEETH.

I can no longer reply to that thread, which is probably for the best since the combination of ignorance and dissembling is something I’m not in the mood for today but I have time to respond to (always a bad combination!).

ANYWAY, here’s some locations where you can find “mom wear” (look it up yourself):

My current outfit, which is actually pretty representative of what I wear half of the time:

What I am NOT going to do with the excercise is claim that you can find businesswear -something suitable for going to a seminar or someshit. That is out of the scope of this endevour. I am simply going to prove that it is possible to find something that will cover you up and isn’t just “slutwear” for the sake of refuting the out-right lies about content being purge.

On with the show!
Here, as you may have guess, I am in Agora, on osgrid and with basically no effort at all I found the following outfits:




“But oh” I hear you cry “that’s only one store on one sim..”
Well, actually there’s decent outfits in a few of the shops there, here’s a second outfit in a second building in Agora:

“oh but I think I saw an ankle and now I have the vapors” you wail -ok, let’s leave Agora and find another store. Here’s a little bit of what’s on offer at OSGrid’s Wyndfall sim:

…a whole damned shop full of formal gowns for starters. Nary a bare ankle in sight.

Of course they have slutwear too, but also…

That’s two shops, PLUS the shop I featured in my last post PLUS the shop “Decadence” which has probably the most comprehensive collection of outfits for Athena going (sadly, i can’t find the LM or slurl).

A friend pointed out that I was getting the name wrong -it’s Grimm, not “Decadence” and it’s now on CopyKat grid. They have a few modest outfits as well:
..and speaking of CopyKat grid, there’s also Xinashi, home of Nico Kaliani’s “Oh HELLO” outfit shop:

What’s that…?
3)Shangrilla Dolls World (on osgrid)

…that’s literally just the tip of the iceberg! There’s a fashion shop on Free Life grid I’m forgetting the name of and I vaguely remember soul-grid having tasteful outfits as well.

So, in closing; there’s no fuckin purge -and anyone who says their is is either a moron, a liar, or both!

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